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Recording historical information before it disappears



Maurice L'Isle and John L'Isle, father and son both served as vicars of Fishlake.

Maurice L'Isle  vicar 1687-1707.

John L'Isle vicar 1707-1755.

Maurice L'Isle born in Yorkshire August 23 1653. Admitted to Peterhouse, Cambridge June  8 1671 aged 17. Matriculation 1671, scholar 1672, BA 1674-5, MA 1678. Curate of Great Stainton, Durham. Rector of Kildale in Cleveland. Vicar of Fishlake 1687-1707. Married at Stainton January 9 1680-1 Elizabeth Tonstall. Died April 6 1719. Buried at Kildale, memorial inscription there.

In brief Maurice is the father of:

John born Stainton 1683.

Denis born Fishlake 1688, Baptised 22 rd April.

Anna born Fishlake 1690.

Elizabeth born Fishlake 1692.

Henry born Fishlake 1695.

More details below.

John L'Isle Admitted sizar (an undergraduate receiving financial help from the College) aged 17 to Peterhouse, Cambridge April 15 1700, son of Maurice of great a Stainton, Durham. School Gisburgh, Yorkshire. matriculated 1701, BA 1703-4. Ordained deacon York June 1704, priest June 1707. Vicar of Fishlake, Yorks, 1707-55. Died May 30 1755, aged 73. See memorial inscription in Fishlake Church further down.

Denis L'Isle Admitted sizar at St John's, Cambridge, January 24th 1705-6. Son of Maurice of Guisborough, Yorks. Born at Fishlake. School, low their (Mr Lodge). Matriculated 1705-6. Migrated to Trinity Hall, 1712. LLB 1712. Licensed by the Bishop of Ely to teach at Willingham, Cambridge, 1707. Admitted to Gray's Inn, February 22 1716-7. Auditor and registrar of Trinity Colledge, 1717. Died June 2 1727. Buried in the anti Chapel, Trinity College. See memorial slab below:

Grave of Denis L'Isle LLB


Additional information from his memorial. He was proctor in the courts of the Chancellor of the University and the Bishop of Ely. A pupil of Edward Rud.

A translation from the Latin on his memorial is as follows:

'Here lies Denis L'Isle. LL.B., who was Proctor to the courts of the bishop of Ely and the Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge. He WA famous for his force of character and endurance of toil. He was very learned in civil and common law, and was second to none in integrity and friendship. Protractor of the weak and an ornament to his friends and family, he died on 2 nd June 1727 at the age of thirty-nine'.

Henry L'Isle. Admitted sizar aged 17 at Trinity Colledge, Cambridge September 20 1722 son of Maurice of Kildale, Yorkshire clerk.School, Kirkleatham, Yorkshire (Mr Oakley).Matriculated 1713-4, BA 1716-7. Ordained deacon York September 1717.

John L'Isle vicar of Fishlake Born 1683

Married Abigail Tod on 23 August 1721. They had a daughter Hannah baptised 5 April 1727. Abigail died 6 September 1729, in the registers she is titled Lady. John remarried on 17 April 1735 to Mary Rhodes, she died in 1746 and buried at Fishlake 20 th December 1746. In the registers she is titled Mrs. see his memorial in Fishlake Church.

Memorial inscriptions to this family inside Fishlake Church.

On the wall Abigail   'Hic jacet Abigalia / (cum Puerto abortive) / us or charissima Johannis LeIsle vicarii de Fishlake / bona for a suavi indole / acetate integra / et integri / tate / probata / Fuit conjure casta / pia ac omnia bona / opera satis apta et sufficienter idonea / obiit puerpera et / febribus occupata / quinto die Septembris annoque Dom 1729 / in Spe quiescit resurget'

Mary his wife memorial on the floor. 'Here lyeth / the body of Mary the / beloved wife of John LeISLE vicar of Fishlake / who died December / 7th 1746 aged 61 years / Dayly actions pious wife / And just / To the last day will blossoms / In the dust'.

John L'Isle on the floor 'Hic deponitur / Hutus ecclesial 48 annoys / pastor fidus / verse pietatis eximium exemplum / necnon ordini sacrae ornamentum / obiit 3 kal Jun Anno Xti 1755 acetate 73'.

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